Getting Your Kid Ready for Overnight Camp

If you have a child that is getting ready for overnight camp, you may be a little nervous about their first time out there. They’re probably excited about overnight basketball camps, but at the same time, nervous about it. So, how can you help them get ready for their first time at camp? How can you be sure to get everything accomplished?

If You Can, Take Them There to Check it Out

If the camp is nearby and accessible, go ahead and take them for a visit. That way, they’re familiar with the space before they even get there. It will help them sleep better and allow them to have less anxiety about the whole process.

Allow Them to Stay Overnight With Friends and Family

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Do a few practice runs where they stay overnight with friends and family when they want to do so. This can help them get used to sleeping over somewhere different, and help them to feel more at ease when they’re away from home.

Let Them Know if There Are Issues, They Can Contact You

Finally, if they are uncomfortable or they just aren’t enjoying the experience, you let them know that they can get in touch with you. Let them know that there’s nothing wrong with that and that they don’t need to feel nervous or ashamed about getting in touch. It’ll help them have less anxiety about the whole thing.

Look at what is out there and learn as much as you possibly can. More often than not, you will find that there are plenty of ways to help your child feel comfortable with camp even before they step foot on the first day. Contact them to learn what you can and see what makes the most sense in the end.